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2012 Rodeo Committee List Chairman: Darren Coughlin CoChair:  Scott Benson, Chris Larsen Rodeo Dates: Sept 13, 14, 15   Tickets Bill Hickman-Chairman DK Adams  Delwin Bracken Pete Alvey Joe Empey Francis Rossbach John Reber Jason Ray Don Randall Bill Forbes Bill Vernon Dave Emery Conrad Dominguez Joe Hutchings Ron Stewart Dale Ipson Andrew White   […]

Rodeo Concessions Schedule Please call your Chairman if you need to change a time or date. PLEASE…..NO CHILDREN IN THE BOOTHS!! Rodeo Concessions 1st Shift – 6:30 to 8:30 pm 2nd Shift – 8:30 to End Volunteers are needed if anyone can work another shift.   Thursday Sept, , 1st Shift Northeast “A” Booth Chair: […]

Committee List 2013 – 2014   Ladies Auxiliary Officers President: Shelli Breinholt Vice President: Neica Christensen Secretary:  Gina Rossbach Friendship:  Liz Thompson Entertainment:  Joanne Snow Historian:  Jan Thompson   Pre-Rodeo Party – September 11, 2013 Chair: Janice Ence Doris Hutchings Barbara Mountford Janice Ence Paula Dominguez Kristi Jones Natalie Ortiz Nichole Stillman   Children’s Parade […]