QuickFeet Track Club

Members of the QuickFeet Track Club receive a donations from the St George Lions Club.

The St George Lions Club was able to provide a substantial donation to the local Quick Feet Track Club.  The donation will enable to kids to travel to regional and national events.  Coming up next week the kids have a national event in North Carolina.

The St George Lions Club believes that as children compete in healthy events, they expand their capacity and grow to become healthier adults–adults who have tasted success and failure.  This promotes healthier coping skills, and positive attitudes.

Competitions such as the national track and field event can only happen if the kids have strong financial support.  The St George Lions Club is only able to provide this level of support because of the Dixie Round-up Rodeo, and the communities support of the Dixie Sunbowl and the rodeo.

To learn more about the Quick Feet Track Club, visit their website.  To learn more about the Dixie Round-up Rodeo, visit the rodeo webpage.

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